What Does a Necktie Say About You -

The right tie can say a lot about your image. Regardless of what kind of impression you want to make, the accessories will do that for you, and no accessory does it better than your tie. Think about it. You can get a tie in just about any color or pattern — red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, polka dot, stripes, paisley, even little cartoon characters (though that’s a whole other fashion faux pas that you better think twice about). The tie makes the man, bottom line, and so your tie should say something amazing about you. So ask yourself, when does a gold tie fit the bill?

DO know what a color says about you

We all know that certain colors are considered “power” colors. Most often, this color is red. However, sometimes either a red tie doesn’t match the look you’re going for, or you don’t want to be overly assertive. Maybe you want to still show off your authority and power, while not taking it over the top. This is the time to pull out the gold tie. Whether you’re going to a job interview, on a first date or sealing an important business deal, a gold tie says that you can handle anything, but that you’re still a gentleman. In many cases, gold ties are worn when you want to appear strong, but still approachable.

Gold ties look great with a French blue dress shirt, but also with just a simple white shirt. However, be careful with how you pair your gold tie, or you may just look…well, like you’re going to the prom. This is why it’s very important to pair your gold tie intelligently. It’s a bright and bold color choice, and, while not as aggressive as a red tie, can still be pretty eye-popping all on its own.

DON’T wear a color that clashes with your skin/hair/eyes

Of course, take into consideration that not every color looks great on every guy. There is, for example, the seasons' theory, which bases certain “seasonal” colors around your skin tone, eye color and hair color, to determine which you should wear and which you should avoid. This goes for both your overall outfit, as well as your accessories, like ties.

Gold (and gold ties) looks best on guys that fit into the “autumn” category. This means that you have skin that’s ivory, peach-ish, beige or golden brown. Your hair can be red, brown, blonde, black, gray, auburn or strawberry blonde. Your eyes can be brown, green, hazel, aqua or turquoise. Now, we know what you’re saying, this sounds like just about every guy. However, if you take a further look into the seasonal theory at the link above, you’ll see just how much difference can be between someone whose eyes are teal verses aqua and vice versa. So, these guys look best in gold.

DO know the difference between gold ties and gold bow ties

Beyond gold ties, of course, there are gold bow ties. These are a bit more formal, and often a bit more metallic, whether your bow tie is primarily matte, or has a little bit of sparkle, or even isn’t all gold, but rather two-toned, like a black and gold tie. Regardless, a gold, or black and gold bow tie, is going to draw attention to your outfit, so you’d better be wearing it appropriately. These are best worn in certain settings, and definitely not to job interviews or brunch (like the matte gold tie discussed above). In fact, it’s recommended that you never wear a bow tie at all to interviews or sales promotions, as people will concentrate more on the bow tie and less on what you’re actually saying. Yes, there is that much difference between a bow tie and just a regular tie. For gold bow ties, think holiday parties and fantastic evenings out. Never, ever, wear a gold bow tie to a morning or daytime event — these are strictly evening- and nighttime-only.

DO pay attention to fabric choices

As some colors lend themselves best to formal or informal affairs, so do certain fabrics. Keep the cotton and linen bow ties reserved for church services and morning weddings (and keep them away from the gold, please). The satin and silk bow ties, however, are great in gold and can work for formal and nighttime events.

If you’re wearing a gold bow tie, that’s more matte and less sparkle, you can generally wear a more flamboyant dress shirt along with it. If you’re wearing a black bow tie, the same goes. However, if you’re wearing a gold bow tie with a little more glitz, or a black and gold bow tie, you may want to keep your shirt on the muted side.

DON’T just shop for a gold tie (or bow tie) anywhere

When shopping for the perfect gold bow tie, you can generally go one of two ways — you can either go for whimsical and fun, or designer and debonair.

For whimsical and fun, try an original and creative bow tie, say something gold with little black anchors woven into the fabric.  A gold and tuxedo black bow tie is classic, durable and perfect for your fanciest occasions.  After all, gold is a celebration color too.

For designer flair, you can pick up a Tom Ford option, or even one of the many varieties at Brooks Brothers.

Of course, even if after all our help, you still can’t seem to make gold work for you as a hue, try out champagne or rose gold as an alternative color choice. These colors are a little bit more demure, but still might be the upscale sparkle you're looking for, with cool undertones that won’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit, only enhance it.