Whether you’re planning a wedding that will actually take place this year, or you’re putting ideas together for a wedding that’s further down the line, these are some of the best wedding theme ideas right now. No matter your taste or style, there’s something for everyone, so don’t think that you have to go rogue and skip a themed wedding. Instead, you can easily find a wedding ‘template,’ so to speak, that fits the vision of your wedding, and you as a couple. Then, you can simply take the ideas you like from someone else's wedding plans, and not have to tax your imagination or creativity.

1. Vintage Weddings

Vintage-style wedding themes are becoming more and more popular, and many spark from the bride or groom’s love of period television, movies and literature (think The Great Gatsby or something similar). How vintage you take your theme really depends on your tastes, as does the actual decade or period you decide to focus on. You may prefer the 20s, while other couples like the 50s. You can even just go back as far as the 70s, and still have that vintage look. Some couples go all out and others take a more subdued approach. For example, you can actually purchase a vintage wedding dress, or you can buy one in a vintage style, and add in authentic accessories, such as a wrap, jewelry or hair piece. Likewise, you can often find vintage items and antiques that are elegant and classy enough to be used as centerpieces at your reception. Things like invitations are a little easier to incorporate with the vintage theme, as you’re working with a blank canvas and can pick a font style, paper type and colors that work for your ideas.

2. Country-Themed Weddings

The rustic and country-themed wedding has grown in popularity and the trend doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. The largest component of this type of wedding theme is, of course, the setting. However, even if you don’t live in a rural area, you can still find the type of look you’re wanting, often easily. With the right decor and staffing, you can usually turn a back yard into a tented rustic wonderland, or take a courtyard in the middle of the city and turn it country. As you’d imagine, this is no affordable task for most, though, the closer you live to authentic rural spots, the more affordable it gets. Then, you’re able to just pick a well-cared-for barn, park or similar setting and give it a go.

3. Beach Theme Weddings

The beach theme wedding will always be popular, particularly as brides and grooms look to cut costs by planning a destination wedding. While getting married in Bermuda or Barbados often sounds more expensive, it’s actually often under the cost of getting married in the States. Why is this? Well, in general, you have fewer guests at a beach theme wedding. There are many people who can’t attend simply because it becomes more expensive for them to attend your wedding, as they count in airfare and hotel costs. As you decrease your guests, you decrease your expenses. Plus, may resorts have package deals, and will take care of most of the little touches for you, if your guest list drops under 40 or 50 or so.

4. Tea Party Weddings

This cute idea falls right in line with wedding themes for spring, and it’s likely to gain momentum within weddings in the coming year, as it was the chosen wedding theme for Lorelei Gilmore in the hit reboot of the show Gilmore Girls, which premiered over the winter. There are two ways you can go with this theme, either all Alice in Wonderland or totally English posh. Regardless, you’re going to need lots of elegant tea pots and other tea service items to decorate your reception space, as well as to send home with guests as their favors. This theme also works very well for a mid-morning wedding, with a light breakfast or afternoon tea reception instead of a lengthy party. Think a menu filled with finger sandwiches, tiny cakes, miniature pastries and lots of Champagne. A live string band or even just a few performers will really set the tone.

5. All Fall Weddings

If you’re looking for wedding themes for fall, you have to be careful not to go too over-the-top, or you’ll find yourself at a fall festival with a wedding dress thrown into the mix. You also don’t want to incorporate the popular fall holiday — Halloween. While a classy Halloween wedding is possible, it’s not a theme that everyone can pull off well. That being said, there are plenty of ways to make a fall wedding work for you, as long as you pick a few fall elements, and stick with those, rather than trying to incorporate every single aspect of the season. Try subtle apple harvest touches, with a caramel or candy apple bar at your reception. Use yellow and orange flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces. Use glammed-up leaves in your decor (fake and painted a shimmery golden can be elegant). For Halloween, go with red and black, and a more gothic feel, than orange and black, which may start to look kitschy. Incorporate pumpkins and squash in an adult white, rather than the traditional orange.

6. A Colorful Wedding

Of course, you don’t have to pick a certain feel for your wedding. Many couples go the simple and easier route of just basing their wedding around their favorite color or colors. Wedding color themes are not only easy to put together, but also give you a lot of creativity and flexibility to work around any budget. Choose your favorite color or set of colors and then go all out. Add it to the bouquets, the centerpieces, the dress, everything.

7. Tropical Weddings

If you can’t whisk your guests away to an island country for a beach wedding (whether because grandma can’t get on a plane to attend, or just because you’d rather do things stateside), you can always bring the island to them. One of the great wedding themes for summer, a tropical theme can incorporate a lot of pinks and oranges, with huge, fresh tropical flowers. Add seashells to the centerpieces and decor. Make the menu luau-friendly, and have a tropical cocktail bar so your guests can order all of the Mai Thais they want.

8. Vineyard Weddings

Vineyard weddings are becoming a popular trend and, like beach weddings, highly revolve around the setting. You don’t have to live in Napa Valley or the foothills of Italy for this type of wedding, though. You’d be surprised at how many regions of the world have their own award-winning and often beautiful wineries and vineyards. Have your ceremony right within the vineyard itself, making for some perfect pictures, then have your reception under a white tent a ways off. Your color palette can include lots of reds or champagnes, and your menu should boast a healthy selection of the vineyard’s top wines as well.

9. Pop Culture Weddings

It’s becoming increasingly socially acceptable to theme your wedding around your favorite nerdy guilty pleasure. Whether you love Star Wars, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, you can find many weddings out there that have been based around the same. It’s easy to do, and you'll even find lots of vendors willing to help you out, with specially created menus, decor and accessories based around the movies, books or television shows that you and your spouse-to-be love. The only thing? Don’t go too over the top. Themes like these can derail and become a train wreck if not done with finesse. You want to be sure to have a delicate hand with when and how you break out the Stormtrooper helmets or wizard wands.

10. Minimalist Weddings

Look on Instagram, Tumblr or just about any blog and you’ll see that there’s been a turn to minimalism as an attractive aesthetic. Make this the theme of your wedding and you’re sure to turn heads with your elegance and class. Clean and simple lines, understated decor, a simple dress — it all comes together well with neutral colors and muted tones. From simple and clean invitations, to short centerpieces, to a simple white cake, this is not only a look that’s becoming increasingly glamorous — it’s also cost efficient!

11. Eco-Friendly Weddings

With eco-friendliness and sustainability becoming more and more chic, it’s not surprising that this theme has translated into the wedding industry as well. You can easily turn sustainable weddings into something that fits your personality, and, just like a colorful wedding, it’s a very flexible route to take. Incorporate locavore cuisine, organic foods, recycled and repurposed decor, an eco-friendly favor and more. Produce as little waste as humanly possible, while still remaining elegant and fun.

12. Carnival Weddings

Another fun summer theme, carnival weddings can be easily done with class and sophistication. All it takes is a little bit of imagination. Use red and white stripes in your decor and reception. Add fun food stations to serve cotton candy, popcorn and other tasty treats. You can even set up some game booths within your reception tent, for guests to play fun favorites they haven’t seen since they were kids.

13. Tiffany Weddings

Tiffany & Co. will never go out of style, and every girl wants that classic Tiffany’s engagement ring on her finger. Once you’ve got the ring, take your love of this unmistakable blue a step further. This theme is particularly great for winter weddings, as the color pairs wonderfully with white, and looks elegant next to snow, white roses and the like. You can bring the color into your accessories, invitations and even your wedding cake. Don’t forget the Tiffany bows and boxes as well!

14. Picnic Weddings

Perfect for your summer, outdoor wedding, a picnic theme can be both cute and simple. Go with gingham table cloths, bright colors and lots of greenery. Then, incorporate in some wildflowers, whether in the centerpieces, or in your bouquet or both! Add in fun lawn games to get your guests having a fantastic time at a daytime wedding, such as lawn croquet. Incorporate upscale picnic menu items, and plenty of Champagne, to make the day one to remember.

15. Renaissance Weddings

Believe it or not, you can do a classy renaissance wedding, without bringing in any jousters or knights (or even a horse, which can get a little bit messy). Use a slightly rustic or forest setting, if you can, and use lots of jewel tones in your decor. Talk to your caterer about a medieval-inspired menu, which they should be able to pull off if they’re worth their salt. Add in some medieval background music during the meal or while guests are arriving, and you may just find yourself wondering how you pulled it all off.

16. Winter Weddings

Even if you are just starting to plan your wedding now, you still have time to throw together a late winter 2017 wedding, or you can plan ahead for a winter 2018 wedding. Regardless, winter weddings shouldn’t be out of the question for any planning bride, as they can be just as gorgeous as a summer wedding. Plus, having an out-of-season wedding can mean savings in the long run. Incorporate evergreen trees (not Christmas trees) into your decor, some fake snow and a faux fur shawl for your dress. Silvers and blues are great winter wedding colors, so there’s absolutely no need to go for the red and green. In fact, try to stay away from a Christmas wedding, as these can often look just as tacky as a Halloween wedding. Instead, center your winter theme around snowfall and icy temperatures. A fun reception option to incorporate if your venue can arrange it? Ice skating!