How to Give Unique Groomsmen Gifts -

Your groomsmen gift says a lot about you. Not only does it say something important about your relationship with your bros, but it also says something about your personality as a groom. You want to get something that reflects who you are, and your hobbies and interests, but still cool enough that your groomsmen are going to love it.

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On the other hand, you’re also probably going to be pressured by your bride to pick a gift that’s “classy,” or reflective of you both, or that matches the gifts she’s buying for her bridesmaids. Whatever the case may be, you can still buy something fun and classy, that also meets her perfect-day-expectations, that your groomsmen will also totally love.

So bypass all the lame groomsmen gift ideas that you may have seen in the past. These are only the most original, most interesting and most unusual, so you can find something that works for you — whether you’re a total nerd, a man’s man, a lover of the finer things in life or a crunchy lumberjack. You want it, we’ve already found it for you. Sit back and let us show you some of the most unique groomsmen gift ideas of the year. It’ll be the easiest part of your wedding planning experience by far.


1. A Splitting Image

For the guys that have grown up together, been through thick and thin together, the unbeatable grouping of guys that are inseparable — why not go with something extra special to put in your man cave, or on the desk at work? We’re talking about a totally original gift that no on else will have. It’s something completely individualized and fun — a reflection of you. No, we’re not talking some pre-wedding portraits like your bride may be doing with her girlfriends. We’re talking an all-out, action flick-style movie poster, to hang in your home theater, framed and proud. Or a set of bobbleheads to sit on your desk, where all your coworkers can wonder who those awesome guys are. More of the caricature type? Why not get a cartoony drawing of you guys at your finest, whether that’s all dapper in your tuxes, or in your superhero best?


2. In the Kitchen

For the guys who love to cook, grill or just chow down on some good eats, how about one of these cool groomsmen gift ideas? A monogrammed BBQ grilling set with a fancy engraved case will always remind your bros to invite you over for a steak and cold one, wifey or no wifey. Of course, you can always class things up a few notches, with a personalized cheese tray, complete with all the needed utensils. You won’t want to let this thing out of your sight after you see it, and you may even have to steal it away from the ladies, because they’re definitely going to try to sneak it off to their book club (aka a night of wine and gossip).

3. For the Guys With the Hair

Facial hair, that is. If all your guy pals are beautifully bearded, you can always celebrate your manly whiskers with this fitting groomsmen gift idea. Try out a selection of the products from Simply Great Beard Oil. They can put together gift baskets for your guys that they’re sure to love, which includes their shave oil, beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, facial oil and more. If you want to go a bit simpler, try a handmade beard comb. Keep in mind, though — simpler does not mean more affordable. This brass comb is luxurious in its simplicity, and a gift your guys will treasure (whether they admit it or not).

If, however, your groomsmen are the opposite of furry, and would prefer to shave away all their whiskers, you can cater to them as well. Try out this vintage shaver that looks ultra luxe, for a great price. It comes with a travel kit, and the replaceable blades are relatively inexpensive as well, so he’ll keep using it long after the razor blades you purchase for him are gone. Get them some fancy shaving cream or after shave to go with it.


4. A Surprise of the Month

If you’d like to go with a gift that keeps on giving, why not sign them all up for a totally superb monthly subscription, that’ll keep them occupied for days to come? No matter what your friends are into, there’s a monthly subscription box for them. Loot Crate is a popular option for nerds and geeks alike. Every month, you get a selection of toys, collectibles and maybe even a t-shirt featuring a favorite fandom, from Star Wars to Star Trek, Call of Duty to Mario, Doctor Who to Game of Thrones. For the fashion-conscious guy, the Gentleman’s Box delivers a monthly dose of fashion, style, and grooming, along with the latest issue of GQ, of course. For a more toned down version of the same, there’s Birchbox Men, which contains not just styling items, but also handy things like socks. Then, for the guy who just wants to grub, there’s the bi-monthly subscription to Mantry, which includes things like artisan jerky, BBQ sauce, smoked pepperoni and bean dip.

You can, of course, choose to go with a one-time-only crate that’s much the same surprise, with a little personalization and only a one-time fee. Man Crates has a variety of options to choose from, whether you want to get your guys a whiskey appreciation crate, an exotic meats crate or one of the other, many, many choices.

5. An Old Gift, Made New

So we know cufflinks are like the go-to gift for groomsmen, and you definitely shouldn’t just buy a pair of silver (or even monogrammed) cufflinks and call it a day. That’s a lame excuse to be lazy and not put any thought whatsoever into your gift. If you’re going to go with cufflinks, though, you have to make them really, really, REALLY amazing. Like, really. Some examples? A pair of cufflinks made from salvaged seats from favorite baseball stadiums. Your best friends can walk around with a little piece of their favorite team, always, whether they prefer Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park or another. What about cufflinks that are literally also cigar cutters? It’s the perfect little surprise to whip out at the cigar bar after a long day at work.

6. A Little Nighttime Class

If your bachelor party includes a little sleepover action, it’s time to class it up. This is one gift that not only may get a little use before everyone passes out from one too many drinks, but that also may come in handy well after the party is over. After all, the ladies are sure to love ‘em. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of fun just laughing at how ridiculous you all look in them. These “premium” gray “Suitjamas” are suits meet pajamas, tie included. It’s a shiny, satin, gray mess, and the perfect gift to keep you all laughing.

7. For the Hands-On Guy

For the guy that’s a little bit crafty, and a little bit fun, choose something that he’ll have a great time putting together, before using it to decorate his bachelor pad. If this sounds like your groomsmen, try these cardboard animal heads, which are the eco-friendly option for animal-lovers who’d like a moose or elephant staring at them from above, but don't really approve of shooting the beasts for themselves. The assembly is relatively easy, but still fun. Another crafty option for the guys who like to use their hands, and are a little bit nerdy — Star Wars origami. The kit lets them make 36 paper creations, while watching their fav team, drinking a beer or just chilling.

8. Another Classic - Gone Cool

Another classic groomsmen gift, that you should totally switch up if you decide you’ll be going in this direction, is the flask. Don’t just settle for a simple silver, monogrammed flask (even if you do include the booze). Can you say boring? Get something totally out of the ordinary and totally unique, if you think a flask would be the top gift for your guys. The best kinds of flasks, of course, are those that look like something they aren’t. For example, take this totally concealable classic Nintendo video game cartridge. It’ll let you carry your whiskey right inside of your favorite childhood game — from Super Mario Bros. to Duck Hunt. It’s fun, personable, full of good memories and with the potential to make plenty more.

9. To Play Around

If you, more than anything, just want your groomsmen to have an awesome time, why not pick something that you’ll all enjoy long after the wedding? A nice poker set will be sure to guarantee some fun evenings after you get back from your honeymoon. You may even turn it into a weekly ritual. If, however, you guys want to just unleash your inner 10-year-olds, deck your groomsmen out with an all-out Nerf arsenal, and then go to battle. You’ll be finding the leftover Nerf darts for weeks afterward, but it’ll be a time worth remembering.

10. To Complement Your Girl’s Flowers

If your bride is totally into the whole matchy-matchy thing, and she wants to coordinate bridal party gifts, meet her halfway (after all, marriage is all about compromise). Say she wants to get her girls a nice piece of jewelry, and she wants you to get all your guys a totally boring tie clip. Snooze! Tell her to give her ladies a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, because you have just the thing to match it. This bouquet is exactly the kind that your groomsmen never knew they wanted. From Say It With Beef (yes, you read that right) comes a beautiful bouquet made out of 100 percent fine beef jerky. You can even pick between “roses” and “daisies.”

11. If You Want Ink…But Not the Commitment

You may be ready to commit to one girl for the rest of your life, but there’s another commitment that’s a little bit more…regrettable. Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you and your guys have ever wanted to give it a try, but not be forced to live with the consequences, this is one crazy tech product for you. Moodinq is a programmable tattooing system that can display any kind of tattoo you want, and then can be erased at any time as well. You won’t believe the technology that goes into this, but it may just be the totally off-the-wall groomsmen gift you’re looking for.

12. For the Sports Lover

No matter what kind of sports (or teams) you and your men root for, there are plenty of unique gifts you can give them as thanks for being your trusty groomsmen. If you all love football, but can’t quite agree on a team, you may want to choose a bit of history, with the most unforgettable headlines from the most recent decades. If history’s never been your thing, try some wall art with the team of your choice.

13. For the Guys Who Wish They Could Fly

If you and your friends have always dreamed of taking to the skies, but never quite got there, a set of matching drones may be just what you need. Fly them (well or not so well) around your wedding venue before the big day (just don’t tell the bride that we told you to) or just around the block. These babies are even capable of transmitting live video, so you can really see what goes on in your neighborhood from up above. If you crash them within the first five seconds, don’t feel bad. However, the six-axis gyro stability feature should help you keep things a little more stable as you learn how to maneuver your way around.