Hairstyles for Men in 2017 -

Your hair says a lot about you. If it isn’t well-kempt, it sends a message to the world that you don’t take your appearance seriously. If it’s too trendy, it can make you look like a hipster-obsessed disaster. You don’t want either. The latest developments in men’s haircuts toe the line between classic men’s grooming and modern, aspirational style. If you’re looking for a new ‘do, one of these options should suit you perfectly.

Classic Undercut

mens hair styles 2017 classic undercut

The most prominent look in men’s haircuts is the undercut. This is the style in which the sides are shaved down while the top is fully grown. Essentially, every haircut option on this list is a variation of the undercut but with varying results. The classic undercut is the most traditional version and a great way to ease yourself in if you’re more of a classicist. It’s straightforward. You can sport it with a clean side part or with the sides buzzed and no part. For best results, use a bit of product to create a wet look and comb it to the back. The look evokes the 50s era, bad boys.

Undercut Variation 1: Layered

mens hair styles 2017 layered undercut

The layered undercut is a little more intense than the classic version. The sides are more obviously buzzed for a tinge of drama. Up top, your hair is grown in but layered. The layering adds volume and height. It’s a look that works best tousled. It’s edgy so there’s no need to douse your hair in the product to make it look perfect.

Undercut Variation 2: Slicked Back

mens hair styles 2017 layered slicked back haircut

With this variation, your sides are still just as dramatically shaved as the layered variation. But up top, you need a lot more product to keep your hair slicked back all day. This is for the guy with a little more edge and much longer locks. It’s all about texture, length, and a little bit of height.

Undercut Variation 3: Side Sweep

mens hair styles 2017 undercut side swept

Take the slicked back approach and swing everything sideways. You’re using a little less product and you’re combing your hair to the side. This works best for a guy with slightly shorter hair than the slicked back guy. It’s also a great look for guys with defined side parts. But it’s important to pay attention to the natural direction of your hair. This will be a major determination in which side you’re sweeping too.

Undercut Variation 4: Curly

curly undercut mens hair cut 2017


hair cut undercut curly 2017

In this undercut, you’re putting in a lot less work. Instead of going heavy with product, just let your hair exist naturally. Of course, this is for guys who have naturally curly hair. Instead of fussing with your hair or trying to straighten it, just let it exist in its true state. And the buzzed sides shift the focus upward to your curly locks.


Pompadour mens hair 2017 styles


Pompadour mens hair cuts 2017 classic


hairstyles Pompadour mens 2017 haircuts

Think of the slicked back undercut but without the undercut. The pompadour is a classic style that relies on some heavy growth up top. The sides aren’t necessarily shaved down, but there should be some variation in length so your pouf really stands out.

The best men’s haircut trends take classic men’s grooming and spin the looks on their heads.