You’ve bought what you consider the perfect silk tie.  You've been looking for it for a long time and you want to impress your colleagues and friends with your great choice, but now you're scared to wear that silk tie for fear you might spill your coffee or lunch on it.  Silk ties are very popular because not only can they be elegant, professional looking, make a statement about you, but they can also boost your confidence when you are wearing a high class tie. If you have a closet rack full of marvelous silk ties but you don’t wear them because you’re scared you might stain them, what good is that?  Here are a few accessories that will help protect you from staining your silk ties.

1.Tie bars – Tie bars are also called tie sliders and are usually made of metal, both precious and semi-precious metals. The design and colors range from simple to colorful and elaborate. They can be enhanced with gems, engraving, etc. These tie accessories are easily clipped to the tie and in between shirt buttons.  Tie bars are not only helpful in preventing stains from getting to your expensive silk ties, but they can also be really fashionable. If an event requires you to dress formally but you still want to show your personality, having a groovy tie bar will really make your attire unique and show your style too.

2.Tie clips – Tie clips also work like tie bars. They can serve as a fashion accessory and double as protection for your ties against stains. Tie clips will help keep your ties in place, especially if you are going to attend an event with lots of eating, drinking, and a lot of moving around. You might not notice it if your expensive tie is already soaked in sauce or beer, so having a tie clip will really help keep it in place.

3.Tie chains – Unlike tie clips and bars, tie chains will not be attached directly to your tie, only around it. It’s a good alternative if you don’t want any marks in your tie from having a clip, a pin or a tie bar on it all day long. If you’re scared a tie clip, pin or tack can ruin the fabric of your tie, a tie chain is a great alternative. All you have to do is attach the chain to one of your shirt buttons, place it over the tie, and lock the chain behind it. The tie chain will help keep your tie in place without having direct contact with your tie.

Getting stains on your silk neckties is a hassle and could cost you a lot of money, either in dry cleaning costs or repurchasing them. Not only that, if the tie you ruined is a gift from someone special like your wife or your mother, there is a lot more at stake than just the cost of the tie, if you know what I mean. It’s not easy to tell someone, or have them notice it themselves, that you ruined the expensive silk tie that they gave you as a gift.  To avoid that episode and drama, the best thing you can do is take the above precautions to prevent stains from ruining your ties.  Your life will improve remarkably.