Wedding planning can be intense.  It’s one of the most important days of your life, and you want to ensure every detail goes off without a single hitch.  From the design of the cake to the wedding favors to your tuxedo, you’re working tirelessly to ensure everything is perfect.  You probably wish there was at least one part of the planning process that was easier, right?  While you want to leave an impression and good memories, your groomsmen gifts don’t need to be a complicated or heavily involved affair.  Choosing your groomsmen gifts isn’t as laborious as deciding on the flower arrangement or handing over the check for the band.  And thanks to loads of websites out there that specifically cater to groomsmen needs, you can easily land on gifts for the whole group that are personalized and sure to impress.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind…

Whatever you do, take the time to think about what you want to give.  It can be quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the low-budget, low hanging fruit. Remember that this gift will be a reminder of the special relationship that the two of you enjoy, as well as a memory of the most important day that you invited them to be a part of.  Don’t freak out, but don’t blow it.

Your gifts should be masculine.  Plan to get them universal, guy things.  You might be into a really specific sect of the tech market or really into a certain brand of clothing.  But you have to remember that you’re not buying for yourself.  It should reflect your thoughtfulness, but it shouldn’t be something that you want as a gift.

Be sure to put a special touch on it.  You can do this with a monogram on the actual item, or you can include handwritten notes with each gift.  Whatever you decide on, you want your groomsmen to feel special and honored to be a part of your wedding.

If you’re drawing a blank on items, remember that you can also gift experiences.  A trial week at that new cross fit gym or a day of kayaking says just as much.

And last but not least, don’t feel pressured to spend a wad of cash on these gifts.  Make them memorable.  It’s something you can do without going really expensive.  Some great ideas are below.

Business Professional Accessories

cufflinks for the groomsmen gifts

It’s likely that all of your groomsmen work for a living.  And what guy couldn’t use some new accessories to update his work wardrobe.  Your groomsmen gifts could be work-related.  They’ll serve as a reminder of your big day.  Plus, they’ll be functional gifts that each guy can start using right away.  If they work in the business world, Instead of giving junk or clutter that they won’t use, get them cufflinks, ties, or business card holders.  Taking the business professional route is a way to ensure your gifts are always remembered.


Back in the day, we all used to point fingers at those guys who spent money on skincare.  But the truth is, every guy needs to take care of his skin.  And most guys shave or use beard products.  Grooming is a part of every guy’s life whether he wants to publicly admit it or not.  Leather Dopp kits, or better known as bathroom bags, make great gifts.  They’re a classic, masculine way to store all those products.  Perhaps a special order beard oil, razor, or total shaving kit could work as well.


Odds are, you and your buddies have shared a few drinks over the course of your friendship.  A great way to commemorate this meaningful day is with accessories that help you remember the good ol’ days.  Premium flasks engraved with each groomsmen’s initials are a predictable, safe gift.  Even accessories that help keep drinks cold are a good way to go.  Corkcicle offers a tool called the Chillsner.  It’s a stainless steel rod that you insert in your beer.  It keeps it chilled for hours.  It’s something your groomsmen (and any beer fan) would appreciate.


Are there any handymen in your group of groomsmen? If so, functional gadgets could be a good way to go.  Think about things that they’ll love and can use repeatedly.  New state-of-the-art headphones, a bottle opener, pocket knife set, or steel lighters are all useful gadgets that add value without being bulky.  Surely there isn’t a guy in your group who wouldn’t appreciate these new toys.

Man Cave Essentials

Sometimes a great groomsmen gift isn’t necessarily something he can wear and stick in his pocket.  Decorative pieces can also serve as a great option that help add some flavor and personality to each guy’s personal man cave.  Perhaps there’s a big sports experience that you all enjoyed together.  What better way to solidify that bond than with a framed Yankees portrait.  The memories your gift conjures up don’t have to be directly related to your actual wedding.

You know your groomsmen best.  You’re excited to have them there to help you celebrate your big day.  This gift is your way of saying thank you.  It might seem like just another thing on the to-do list, but know that they’ll most likely appreciate the thought that went into it.

FYI - Final Thought - Groomsmen Gifts to Avoid if Possible 

No flasks. It's cliché and they probably already have seven.  Also avoid pens, shot glasses and money clips (it's presumptuous to overhaul someone's cash-storing methodology).  Better bets: knives, cuff links, golf accessories and -- my personal pick -- a nice weekend bag.