Buy 68-70" Extra Long Ties Here....

We all know that big and tall men have more to love. Here at Gentleman Joe Ties and Accessories, we love big and tall men, and we want them to feel good and look great in what they’re wearing. That’s why we have a large selection of extra long ties and 3XL ties just for the big guys.

Like any other item of clothing, a tie that doesn’t fit right can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when the tail end of the tie has to be pushed between two buttons on your dress shirt, while hoping that it doesn’t pop out of place during the day and expose that you’re wearing too short of a tie. Or it might even flap in the wind letting everyone see that your tie is much too short. An incorrect fitting tie can ruin even the most distinguished gentleman wearing a high priced suit, a high end watch, gold cufflinks, and then…. a “short” tie… What were you thinking?

When your jacket is buttoned up, it doesn’t seem to matter where your tie lies and if it’s too short because no one can see the tip of it, but if you’re like most men, it’s impossible to have your jacket done up all day as it will restrict your movement, especially if you’re in business meetings, sitting at your desk or taking an important client or business contact out for lunch, and you might have to loosen your clothes. At that point, you won’t want to undo your jacket and reveal what’s underneath.   A short tie might even prevent you from getting that business deal that you worked so hard on!  So make sure that you purchase and then wear the right length tie for your size.

A tie that fits well should lie somewhere between the top to center of your belt buckle. Ties that are too short can make an adult look childish, and long ties that dangle too far past your belt can make you look disheveled. About every 10 years, it becomes a fad to wear a short tie, but make sure you don’t wear it during the "wrong year"!

Getting your tie to the right length takes some effort though. If you find that you are consistently having difficulties getting your tie to reach the top to middle of your belt, or if the skinny end of the tie doesn’t easily reach into the loop on the back of your tie, it might be time to start shopping for longer ties instead of the standard length ties that you have been buying in the past.

There are a number of good reasons to invest in extra long ties, and you don’t need to be 7 feet tall to buy them! Of course, men who are very tall will often need to acquire long ties to avoid having their tie dangle too high on their midsections, but also men who have a long torso, regardless of their height, may need to buy long ties instead of standard length ties. An additional reason that you may need to purchase big and tall ties is that you have a neck size larger than 18”. Sometimes a larger neck is due to many hours working out at the gym, or maybe the opposite, but whatever the case, you’ll probably need to put on an extra long tie to give you more length to work with.

Also, the tie knot you choose may mean that long ties will work better for you. Many men prefer to use a double Windsor knot or other larger sized tie knot, which can make a standard length necktie too short. If you usually wear shirts that have a wide collar spread, you will look better when you tie a larger knot, so mens long ties may be the right option for you.

The good news is that recently extra long ties are available in as many designs and colors as those made in shorter lengths. Another tip: When choosing extra long ties, you should keep your body proportions in mind if you are picking patterned ties. If you are a larger guy, it’s best to look for patterns that are also larger, such as wide stripes or big designs. On the other hand, if you are a smaller framed guy, you can select smaller patterns and stripes without looking out of proportion.

Your tie is meant to compliment your outfit, not detract from it.

A wider tie for a larger guy - anywhere from 3.25” to 4” wide will compliment your size, not make you look awkward or out of style.

Choosing a tie that fits your body size and type will help make you look polished, and ultimately be a classy guy. Locating a tie that fits well is an important step to feeling great and confident about your appearance, no matter what size you are.