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Your groomsmen are your closest buds and pals that are often there when you need support, and in that way, they'll be there for you on your wedding day and will increase your confidence as you say, "I do".  It's an important and special day in your life, and your groomsmen will stand beside you and not want to miss this milestone in your life. To acknowledge their friendship and support, giving each groomsman a gift will help them remember you, their friend, and bring back memories of your special day. The gift can be something that fits into the naturally mannish category, such as vices, styles, hobbies, sports, etc. You can choose something that your buddy likes to use because no guy wants to be given another trinket that will be stored away and probably never even be looked at again.   It's also a nice touch to select something personalized with the name of your groomsmen, or monogram on it.

unique groomsmen gift ideas 2017

As per wedding etiquette, you can give a gift during rehearsal dinner as a “Thank You” for all their emotional and physical support.

It can be challenging to select a unique gift for groomsmen, but here are some unique groomsmen gift ideas to help your decision.

Focus on Practicality and Quality

It makes you feel great when you can buy a meaningful and high-quality gift for your groomsmen, and it's even better if your selected item is practical. Your buddy should be able to use your gift for a long time. A leather wallet or engraved money clip, their favorite after shave, a tie clip and cuff links set or something else that will mean something to them and bring back memories of you and the good times you've had together as friends.

cool groomsmen gift ideas 2017

Set Your Budget

The wedding budget is usually a hot topic - The bride has her ideas and the groom has his.  While setting a wedding budget, usually the cost of groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts are forgotten, but if you really appreciate their role in your wedding, it's good to set aside enough money but not so much that it will gouge the wedding budget. If your budget is tight, you can also explore some inexpensive gifts. Some cheaper gift ideas for groomsmen are included below.

Make a Personalized Gift

You can easily find a personalized gift for your groomsmen.  It's best to consider the interests or hobbies of your groomsmen when selecting gifts. If your groomsmen are your school friends, and you were on the same sports team, maybe something in the same colors as your team.  If you are good at art or construction or metal work, the possibilities are endless.   Keep in mind that these gifts are considered as a token of your friendship, so select something thoughtful.

unique groomsmen gift ideas

Unique Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

It can be confusing to choose a unique gift for your groomsmen, and you don't want to give something tacky or cheap, but you can always consider a DIY gift that is creative, functional and trendy. 

Money or Wallet Clip

groomsmen gift idea money clip

If you have a limited budget and want to give something unique, interesting and useful, a leather wallet or money clip is a good idea. You can even have the initials of your buddies engraved on a metallic money clip.


groomsmen gift ideas umbrella

A personalized umbrella will be a good gift for groomsmen because when their name is on their umbrella it's less likely that they will lose it.  A nice umbrella with a wooden handle makes for an elegant, useful gift. You can select a colored one or a black umbrella and even inscribe a personalized message on it.  It can be a useful gift too, especially if it's raining on the wedding day, but let's hope not.

Bottle Opener Tools

groomsmen gift idea bootle opener

A set of bottle opener tools can be a good gift for any groomsmen who likes to enjoy beverages. You can buy a set from the local shopping center or from a website. If you feel that it's too cheap of a gift, why not add some additional things to this tool kit to make it personalized. Depending on your budget, you might select a case for these tools, a funky cork screw, or maybe purchase some beverages to go along with the tools.

Brew Horn

groomsmen gift brew horn drinking vessel

An appropriate drinking vessel can be a good gift for groomsmen. You can order this gift online with a personalized message. You will get a chance to write your personalize message on each horn. Your friend will surely like this horn because of its design and functionality. This gift will most likely become a fond memory of your cherished wedding moments.

Whiskey.......Oh yeah baby!!

groomsmen gift single malt whiskey

A good drink will be an excellent gift for groomsmen.  It will help them relax their nerves after a hectic day. You can give a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift. Single Malt Whiskey is always a good choice for your groomsmen. You can cheap out on a lot of things but nothing says "Bromance" like an expensive bottle of single malt. Men love to share quality whiskey with good friends. You can buy a lot of expensive gifts for your groomsmen but a high-end bottle of whiskey (may cost a lot less than some other gifts) and it will be remembered for a long time.

Textured Cufflinks

groomsmen gift textured cufflinks

Depending on the attire of your wedding party, you can get a textured pair of cufflinks for your groomsmen. If they are wearing French cuffed shirts, a pair of elegant, textured cufflinks match perfectly and can be found at reasonable prices. You can get them in different colors and designs as per the taste of you and your groomsmen. This gift will remind your groomsmen of you every time they put them on.

Tie Clip

groomsmen gift tie clip

Tie clips have become quite trendy and are making a comeback. These are important, functional gifts, as they are designed to keep your tie in its place. They can also add interest and style to any tie. Your groomsmen will look magnificent when wearing matching clips. These tie clips can be a long lasting gift for groomsmen.

Ties & Bow Ties

bow tie gift for groomsmen

A beautiful and quality tie or bow tie can be an excellent gift for groomsmen. A man always looks for quality ties in his collection. You can honor your brotherly clan by giving sharp patterns to your friends. You can select similar ties for all your groomsmen with a personalized style. There are lots of affordable choices to give ties to your buddies. They will use this gift even after your wedding, and it can become a cherished memory of your wedding.

Poker Set

poker set gift for groomsmen

Poker was an outlaw game in the past, but it is part of the mainstream now because of ESPN broadcasting events and tournaments and internet poker. You can play a game with your friends.  These gatherings will always bring laughter and fun with food and drink. You can give a poker set to your groomsmen and give them all more reasons to get together after your wedding.

Shaving Gift

shaving gift set groomsmen gift ideas

If you want to gift personalized items, you can choose a shaving kit and add a shaving sap badger brush, mug and safety razors. You can pack them in a wooden box or select a stylish gift box for your groomsmen. This gift can be made even more special with some healthy essential oils, creams and after shave lotions.

Branded Leather Belt

designer leather belt groomsmen gift ideas

For a simple and practical gift, a branded leather belt can be a great idea. Make sure you know what each groomsmen's waist size is or this good gift can turn into a bad gift. You can put together some toiletry items in a gift box with this belt. You can also add an assortment of other fine and unique accessories with this belt.  Be creative.

Men's Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Box

men's jewelry box groomsmen gift idea

A men's jewelry box can be a memorable gift for your groomsmen because this box is used to store mementos and classic items. You can even store some wedding items in this box as a memory of your wedding. You can engrave the name of each groomsman on the box to give a personalized touch to your gift. This gift, if done right, can be something they will keep for a lifetime. Take your time in choosing the right one.

Zippo Lighter

zippo lighter groomsmen gift idea

The fascination of a man with fire isn't easy to explain in words. You can pack this attractive lighter made by Zippo in your gift box.  The Zippo lighter is refillable, and you can replace it's each and every part. Just engrave the name of your groomsmen on its metal casing and it will become an ideal gift. Personalized engraving is free from Zippo.

Pocketknife and Fire Starter

pocket knife fire starter groomsmen gift idea

A pocket knife is an important tool for every man because this knife can be used for survival, first aid and lots of other things. An engraved pocket knife will serve as a functional gift to your groomsmen and will be a memory of your wedding.

Along with a pocket knife, you can give a fire starter kit as a gift. This kit is good to start a fire without matches. This kit is available with char cloth, flint rock, tinder, raw cotton and easy instructions. All items are packed in a tin and it's perfect for the wilderness man.

Fountain Pen

fountain pen groomsmen gift idea 2017

Another beautiful gift is ballpoint pen of classic variety. There are lots of disposable and cheap options, but try to go with something nice and classic. You can purchase a fountain pen and have the name of your friend inscribed on its cap.

Designer Leash for Pets can be a Good Gift

designer leashes groomsmen gift ideas 2017

If your groomsmen have puppies, you can give him a collar designed with pink, green, orange, blue, white and other designer fashion colors and material. It is almost 3/5” wide and 12 to 16” long. You should use a quality nylon collar along with a strong loop to attach leashes and ID cards. The collars are lightweight and comfortable for the puppy.

Online Stores for Groomsmen Gifts

If you're still finding it difficult to decide on a unique gift for your groomsmen don't worry, because there are many online stores that will help you with more ideas about buying gifts, sometimes even with special discounts and promotions. At times you can enjoy free shipping and get the best deals on electronic gadgets, accessories, toys, novelty items and useful tools. It is easy to buy at this online store because discounted coupons are also available to save your money. Giving gift certificates to groomsmen is an excellent way to give them an opportunity to purchase their favorite items.

Every product at online stores has a clear picture and complete description, including specifications, individual points, and features. The description helps the customer to analyze the product and place an order after complete satisfaction. This is an important part of the online shopping to reduce the displeasure and returns from customers.

There are different events and occasions, when various sales promotions and discounts are offered at online stores, therefore keep visiting the store regularly so that you don't miss out on the offers.  You can enjoy big discounts on various occasions and clearance sales. The store is equipped with everything from health and beauty products, kitchen accessories to kids electronics. You can get unique gift ideas from these stores by browsing their line of products. If you want something unique and beautiful, just browse their collection and get memorable gift items for groomsmen.

While you're looking for groomsmen gifts, you can even shop for your house, or for gifts for your friends and family members. For a wonderful shopping experience, create your account at the store, or contact at toll-free number. After having your account, you will be able to track and manage your orders and update your personal details. Start thinking about it today and lining up unique gifts for your groomsmen.  

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