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Here are just a few reasons why you’ll enjoy shopping at, and you’ll also discover what makes us different from other online stores.

Superb Quality - Once you see and feel a "GentlemanJoe" tie, you won't go back.  They have the perfect weight and thickness for tying the perfect tie knot every time.  Our heavy weighted interlining gives you a tie knot that is strong in form and robust, holding its shape under the most trying circumstances.  They feel luxurious and divine!  Our 100% Silk Jacquard neckties are as good as they get.  We also have an extensive collection of Snag and Stain Resistant Microfiber neckties. 


Style and Patterns  - You will find the latest styles and patterns at GentlemanJoe.  We also carry the traditional styles and patterns that you have become accustomed to.  You will find – Plaid ties from the traditional Tartan style patterns all the way to the funky, cool, modern versions.  You will also find Paisley ties that have really come of age and are as trendy as they get.  Don’t forget the Polka Dot necktie.  Our range of polka dot ties is growing every day and we are designing as many styles as we can in this re-emerging classic pattern.  Striped ties, as everyone knows, have been around for a very long time and are by demand, our biggest and most varied category of neckties both traditional and modern.  Solid neckties always have a place in formal as well as not so formal settings.  They are another big category because of their universal appeal.  Solid ties are one of the categories that we can go crazy with in regard to color range, and our selection of colors is continually growing.   Geometric tie patterns have emerged as one of the most innovative pattern categories in modern times.  Geometric necktie designs are embracing the new trends of the millennium with gusto.  Try them out!  We also have many varied necktie design patterns too varied to mention here.  The best thing you can do is simply browse through our tie selections and see for yourself.


 XL Selection – Big & Tall - Catering to the “Not So Average Man”, we have an extensive, stylish selection of  long neckties that start at 60” long and go up from there. You’ll never feel left out when it comes to keeping up with the latest Designer tie fashions. How often have you gone to a Men’s store to purchase a cool tie and found a very limited range in your size. Not so at Gentlemanjoe. Our extra long necktie selection is almost as large as our regular tie category and the styles are as varied as any Designer neckties currently out there. And the prices are amazing too!


 Boy’s Ties – Children’s Ties -   Kid’s ties will go through a lot of rough treatment, depending on the age of the child ofcourse. That’s why we at Gentlemanjoe have decided to make most of our  children’s ties from Snag and Stain Resistant Microfiber. When small stains inevitably happen, they can be removed with a little careful attention and they will take a beating better than a silk tie. The look and feel is almost indistinguishable from a silk tie, but it will prove to be much more durable. This fact goes for all of our Microfiber ties and should encourage customers to try them. We know you’ll agree with us. Truly, they look and feel like silk and are tougher to boot.


 Random Gifts - Don’t be surprised if you find a random gift when your package arrives. We like to say thanks for shopping at Gentleman Joe!

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Return Policy - A re-stocking fee of 30% will be charged for returns over $35 USD. Orders under $35 will recieve a full refund of the price of goods minus shipping.   A friendly note:  Please take special care when choosing color.  We have never had a return because of quality.  We have had returns because people have had a change of heart on color.  So please choose carefullyIf you are wanting to place a large order of one particular tie, may we suggest that you order one tie first to see if the color is right for you, then after checking it, order the rest.

We hope this information has been helpful.  We are very confident that you will enjoy your experience with us.  Happy shopping!

 How to Tie a Tie – The Four Most Popular Knots

The Windsor tie knot, the Half Windsor tie knot, the Four in hand tie knot and the Pratt tie knot also known as the Shelby tie knot. You can see how to tie your tie fourteen different ways in the animated widget up above on the left hand column.  If you appreciate the work we have done to make your life easier, then please spread the word….stumble upon..twitter..facebook… you get the picture....

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